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Welcome to Paw Angel we are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of high quality pet  breeding services and holistic natural products including

Homeopathic Breeding Supplements for a healthy easier pregnancy and birth, nourishing Herbal Vitamins for Wellbeing, our services provide Pet Ultrasound Scanning, Post Whelping Scanning to confirm completion of birth, Pet and Puppy Microchipping, Midwifery Services (birthing puppies), and Ovulation Cytology Testing for the precise time to mate your bitch.

We are dedicated dog lovers and take care of your pet as if they were our own, supplying the most finest Holistic Breeding Supplements and Natural Herbal Vitamins for Health and Wellbeing.

         The Holistic Breeding Supplements available have been used by Holistic Vets all over the world and are used for breeding for an easier birth, administered to the in-whelp bitch and the nursing mother daily will visually show overall excellent results for the growth and health of the un-born and the new-born puppies.

Explore our online shop to see our range of 100% natural products for the brood bitch, the pregnant and nursing bitch, and the very important stud dog.

The equipment we use is the latest technology based on their effectiveness for acurate results.

We are committed in giving you a guaranteed quality service with low cost prices.

A lifestyle choice for your pet and breeding stock, because your pets deserve the very best.

Please don't leave without browsing.


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© Paw Angel All Rights Reserved 2018